NETFLIX’s Bridgerton : Royalty, Race & Richness

Courtesy of Netflix

Hi Gems, it’s Gemini and welcome back to our blog!

This blog post is dedicated to the eight hours we have just spent binge watching ‘Bridgerton’ and our thoughts on this overdramatic yet insanely captivating Netflix show. We are the type of people that scroll through recommendations for hours but never decide on anything, so we were pretty surprised when we decided to watch this show after just the teaser alone. We ended up watching the whole thing over two nights, partly because we finished most our midterms and had nothing else to do, but mostly because it was terribly addictive and impossible to stop.

Whether you’re debating whether to start watching or are curious to learn more after finishing the series, here is an all-inclusive guide to Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’!

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What is the show about?

In our opinion, ‘Bridgerton’ lies somewhere between ‘Little Women’ and ‘The Bachelor’. It is humorous and lightweight, filled with themes of family, romance, and the struggles of womanhood while also recreating something similar to televised matchmaking entertainment.

“The social season is upon us.” — Lady Whistledown

‘Bridgerton’ follows a young Ms.Bridgerton as she enters society for the first time, nervously entertaining weeks filled with glittering evening balls and exquisite social events in order to find a proper suitor. She finds herself in the attention of adoring, handsome gentlemen but also among quite the opposite. The eight episode series is filled with confusing romances, sibling fights, gossip, weddings, affairs, and lots and lots of balls.

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What makes it enjoyable?

If you are a fan of period dramas, you might enjoy the fantastical world of carriages, ball dances, and family complications that are evident in every series centered around British royalty.


The setting is absolutely breathtaking and every scene is visually appalling with perfect lighting and stunning sets. Everything from the beautiful evening social dances to the daytime strolls around London were all so flawless they seemed unreal. We would not be exaggerating when we say that the scenery was perhaps one of the most captivating aspects of this high budget Netflix series.


What makes Bridgerton so unique is its subtle modern touches, and the music is certainly one of them. The Original Soundtrack features violin covers of popular songs like ‘thank you, next’ by Ariana Grande and ‘In My Blood’ by Shawn Mendes. The original songs are great, but the covers are seriously 10x more incredible and if you don’t believe us just check out the Bridgerton Official Playlist on Spotify.

What makes it not so enjoyable?

While ‘Bridgerton’ has brought a diverse group of actors to the stage, there is a lot about this series that made us uncomfortable. The main thing is that it erases hundreds of years of oppression, slavery, and racism in order to create a British society that is not in the slighted way affected by race. While we would all love if that were true, it feels unfair that the show gives itself permission to rewrite history so simply. It is exciting to see people of color in so many important roles, but it is also sad to see the color blindness in this show.

Should I Watch it?

If you are looking for a short and easy to watch series, then we would recommend it. It is fun, lighthearted, exciting at times, and slightly sad at others. Even if you do not appreciate the storytelling, you will surely fall in love with the cinematography.

|Geminii’s Note|

Now that we are finished with the series we really need to find something new to watch. Any reccomendations?



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