10 Reasons Why We Chose USC

10 Reasons why we picked the University of Southern California … and maybe why you’ll want to as well!

Hi Gems, it’s Geminii and today we have a really special blog post for you!

We had trouble narrowing down our top 10 reasons why we love USC, but here they are (in no particular order)!

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1. The Trojan Family

Photo: Inside SoCal

USC’s alumni network is noted as one of the top in the world, and it’s no doubt because they love to emphasize that every Trojan is family. 

Although we’ve haven’t even stepped foot on campus, we have been overwhelmed with the generous support from alumni (who are always willing to set up time to chat, give advice, and referrals!) as well as just the general family-feeling of our student body!

Fun fact: USC’s alumni network is so strong that it’s sometimes been nicknamed the Trojan Mafia!

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2. The #1 Cinematic Arts School

Photo: Los Angeles Times

Ranked the top in almost every chart, you really can’t beat USC when it comes to film. 

From Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios) to Ryan Coogler (Director of Black Panther), USC’s Cinematic Arts School has housed some pretty famous names. Will Farrell, who’s also a USC alum, even promised to drop by the campus and say hi to Trojans after the long campus shutdown!

3. Student Life/School Spirit

Photo: The Daily Bruin

USC is known for its fun and relaxed atmosphere. While it has earned the nickname of ‘University of Spoiled Children’, the truth is, USC does spoil its students! From concerts to pre-release movie screening, there’s always something special happening on campus!

And of course, game days! USC is known for its fun tailgates that start as early eight in the morning… alumni included 😂 

The school is always encouraging students to work hard and play hard!

4. The Campus

Photo/Ron Jaffe, NBCU Photo Bank

USC is famous for it’s beautiful red brick campus–probably also because a number of films were shot there!

Legally Blonde, Princess Diaries, and even How to Get Away with Murder all called USC home!

5. Los Angeles

Photo: Environmental Graphics

The second largest city in the United States, L.A. is the capital of, well, pretty much everything! From In-and Out to beaches to Hollywood, there’s not much missing in Los Angeles.

6. Marshall School of Business

Photo: University of Southern California Marshall School of Business

Marshall is one of the top business schools in the country, but it’s not just numbers.

Classes hasn’t even started and we’ve gotten the (crazy) opportunity to meet recruiters from the “Big Four” (Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young, and KPMG) and even chat with them one-on-one! 

The best part of the business school? Most Marshall students don’t have class on Fridays! 😉

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7. International Student Body & Study Abroad

Photo: Daily Trojan

With the largest population of International students at any U.S college, USC brings a lot of diversity to it’s campus! Learning with students from all over the world is super exciting, and it also means a lot more excuses to visit friends in different countries!

USC also has a plethora of amazing study abroad opportunities, anywhere from Paris to Shanghai!

Fun fact: USC puts up a flag in the VKC walkway for each country represented in the student body–but they have so many that they need to switch it up halfway through the year!

8. The Weather

Photo: University of Southern California

This one doesn’t need much explaining — it’s hard to say no to SoCal weather 😉

9. The Fight On Slogan

Photo: Odyssey Torres

Maybe it’s just because we love school spirit, but USC’s ‘Fight on’ slogan is just so much fun! At the end of every online session, the staff, alumni, and fellow students love throwing up a V-sign (apparently it’s not a peace sign) and everyone smiles and yells “Fight on!”

Most students have shared that if you ever see someone sporting USC gear, you always yell ‘Fight On’ and they’ll do the same back–whether that’s on the street or at the airport!

10. It’s not UCLA

Photo: Los Angeles Daily News

If you didn’t already know, USC has got a pretty heated rivalry with it’s blue and yellow neighbors across town., but you already know which one’s better. Just kidding.

Because of the current situation, we can’t be on campus this semester, but writing this blog has got us feeling a little more optimistic for what’s to come! 

We hope you had a great weekend, and see in tomorrow’s blog!



We want to help you find your dream school.

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