10 Reasons Why We Love Tous Les Jours Beaverton

We could go on and on about why we love this bakery, but for your sake we’ll keep it to ten!

Hi Gems, it’s Geminii and welcome to our Cafe Guide series!

Tous Les Jours is one of the most popular bakeries in Beaverton, and for good reason! We’ve visited too many times to count, and we’re well on our way to trying all of the items on their menu!

You know how much we love a cute cafe, and in today’s blog, we’ll be covering one of our favorites!  

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10 Reasons Why We Love Tous Les Jours Beaverton

  1. Fresh bread. Every day. 
  2. Croissants in all flavors and fillings
  3. Pastries for every occasion!
  4. Cakes, cakes, cakes
  5. The best croquettes you’ll ever try!
  6. The Atmosphere
  7. Serve yourself!
  8. The staff
  9. So many locations!
  10. It’s open during COVID-19

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1. Fresh bread. Every day. 

Even after 4 years of studying French in High School we are far from fluent, but we do know that Tous Les Jours means Every Day in French! 

The name comes from the fact that they bake their bread and pastries fresh every day!

Tous Les Jours Beaverton also sells fresh loaves of bread for you to take home, so you can enjoy the fluffy slices at home! 

Insider’s tip: In a rush? Tous Les Jours Beaverton has a wide variety of packaged pastries and bread for you to grab on the go!

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2. Croissants in all flavors and fillings

We don’t care how many calories it is–you bet we’re gonna get all of them!

No seriously. The croissants at Tous Les Jours Beaverton are just too pretty to ignore, and we promise they taste better than they look!

Choose between the strawberries and creme, hazelnut, chocolate, and almond croissant, and trust us when we say you can’t go wrong with any.

3. Pastries for every occasion!

I don’t think we are ever more indecisive than the fifty minutes we spend selecting pastries at Tous Les Jours Beaverton! There are so many to choose from, and they all look amazing!

We’ve been to Tous Les Jours Beaverton with so many of our friends and, although none of them share our insane sweet tooth, they always find something that they love! Whether it is a savory croquette or a delicate chocolate cream cornet, there is a pastry that is perfect for every type of person and preference!

4. Cakes, cakes, cakes

Tous Les Jours Beaverton basically proves that cake is not just for special occasions. You’ll find that the cakes they serve are light, delicate and just the right amount of sweet! Each of their cakes is made with fresh cream and lots of delicious fruits! 

We tried the Strawberry Fresh Cream cake on our last visit, and our only regret was that we hadn’t gone back for seconds! So, next time you visit, make sure to treat yourself to a slice (or two 😉)

5. The best croquettes you’ll ever try!

When we visited Seoul we fell in love with croquettes, and the ones at Tous Les Jours come pretty darn close! 

What is a Japanese/Korean croquette?

A croquette is a crispy bread filled with meat, kimchi, curry, or sometimes even something sweet like red beans! They can count as both a meal or snack (depending on how many you eat!) and they are always served warm at Tous Les Jours Beaverton.

6. The Atmosphere

The first time we came to Tous Les Jours it was just the two of us (we would soon be bringing all of our family and friends here as well) and we were trying to crank out some essays after school. It had been a busy week, and we were in need of a place to concentrate. 

We came with our laptop and earphones ready, but the minute we got inside we forgot about our worries as we gaped at the packed cases of buttery pastries and the rows of macaroons lining the cooled cases.

The atmphsphere at Tous Les Jours Beaverton is very bright and vibrant, with broad windows that filter warm light, and a happy stir of customers as they weave in and out of the store, trays piled with doughy goodness. 

Did we finish the essays? We’ll never tell 😉

7. Serve yourself!

The most enjoyable part of any Tous Les Jours visit is probably browsing through the rows of fresh pastries, and then (after many minutes of crazy indecisiveness) picking them out of the clear glass case and on to your tray! 

Even though we’ve most likely tried nearly all the pastries they have to offer, we still take an hour to decide.. 😅

8. The Staff

The wonderful team at Tous Les Jours Beaverton is so much of the reason why we never hesitate to recommend this bakery to friends & family! Everyone is so incredibly sweet and they have gone out of their way to welcome us each time we visit! 

9. So many locations!

After realizing that a little too much of our gas expenses were going toward our afternoon study dates at Tous Les Jours Beaverton, we were super excited to see that they had opened up a second bakery in Portland (at Orenco Station)!  

From Portland to New York to Seoul, Tous Les Jours has found a home in almost every major city! Since we’ll be moving to Los Angeles soon, we’ve already started looking up the closest Tous Les Jours to our college campus because at this point I don’t think we can live without it ❤️

9. It’s open during COVID-19 

Since we could all use a little more sweetness in our lives, here’s how to pick up your favorite pastries at Tous Les Jours Beaverton during the Covid-19! 

Tous Les Jours Beaverton: 

11735 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005: 

Mon-Sun : 9AM-6PM / (503) 746-6735

 Tous Les Jours Hillsboro: 

6221 NE Cornell Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Mon-Sun : 9AM-6PM / (503) 648-2191

Both locations are available for take-out throughout the day, but keep in mind that only 3-4 customers can be inside at a time. If you’re worried about a wait, you can always order ahead with the numbers provided above!

That’s all for the blog, but look out for more Insomnia adventures in the future!



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